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How to start

If you are interested in archery, but don’t know where to start - use this simple flow chart to guide you.

What to buy

Always get your archery equipment from a reputable archery retailer.  Go to the shop, try out the equipment, and get professional advice.

Shoot better

If you are already an archer and want to improve - come get some coaching, get your bow tune, or have session on mental preparation.

Shoot here

We have a thriving club with lots of activities.  Our archers shoot indoors in the winter and on our 150 yard field in the summer.


Other times by appointment.


1pm - 8pm


1pm - 8pm


10am - 5pm


10am - 5pm


11am - 3pm

Christmas Opening Times:  

Normal opening times up to Friday 23 December: CLOSED 24 December to 1 January inclusive.  Re-opening Wednesday 4 January 2017.