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All levels of archer benefit from coaching.  Your relationship with your coach can help you improve your shooting by working on your technique, your equipment set up and your mental preparation.

Silver Arrow’s philosophy on coaching is to look at the individual and after discussion with them, work out what they can do, how we can help them improve and then develop a strategy to help them reach their potential.

Coaching for indoors and out

  • We have indoor ranges with cameras for specific technique coaching.
  • For distance work we can move out to our 150 yard field
  • NGB qualified coaches will work with you and set you exercises to follow in between sessions

Improve your archery

Coaching session

An hour’s coaching with a qualified archery coach can help you iron out any specific issues or develop the accuracy of your current technique.  The price is £40 per hour (£30 for Silver Arrow Club Members).

We also offer four linked coaching sessions at a reduced price of £140 - normal price £160.   For Silver Arrow Archery Club members the price is £100 - normal price £120.

We can offer more advanced coaching support for more experienced archers at the same price.

To book a coaching session call 01525 229374 or book online using the link below

Quick Fix Coaching

If you have one specific part of your shooting that you would like some advice about - then come along for some quick fix coaching to sort out that niggling problem - 15 minutes for £10 (£7.50 for club members)

Mental Approach Coaching

There is a saying that states that “90% of archery is in your head”.  You can have a great technique and yet if your thoughts start to interfere, your performance dips.  To learn how to deal with competition nerves, to overcome target panic or simply to gain greater focus when you are shooting - come for a mental approach coaching session.

Being able to control your thoughts and intentions will help you in all areas of your life - not just archery - so book a session, hear about some simple things you can do, and see what effect they have.

The price is £40 per hour (£30 for Silver Arrow Club Members).  Four linked session will be £140 (£100 for Silver Arrow Club members).

Improvers Course

If you prefer a group setting for your coaching, then sign up for a one day improvers course.  In a small group we will cover all the basics of technique.  This is designed for archers who have completed a beginners course and not had much coaching since.  The course runs from 10am to 4pm.

Review:  “Still taking in the information from the 'improvers course' a couple of weeks after doing it, re-reading the info in the file with my notes. Some of the best money I have spent on archery so far.”  Peter

Improvers II Course

For those with a bit more experience and who want a group coaching session this one day would be ideal.  This is for archers who have been shooting for a while and may have had some coaching already (or who have completed ImproversI).  The course runs from 10am to 4pm.

Book here